​​​​Welcome to SciTech Academy Board Page

The involvement of our families and community in the decision making process is an Important part of public education.

When are the meetings held?

The Board generally meets at 6:00 p.m. every 3rd Friday of the month at School Site.
You may request a current schedule by email scitech2017@gmail.com Since its

pre-operational, many meeting might be shorter than an hour.

Where are announcements posted?

Starting from January 2018, All announcement will be post on the school website

(http:www.scitechacademymn.org), After August 2018 will post school site community information /

regular meeting announcements and agendas at the and in the SciTech Academy.

How can I participate?
You may use two options to participate in board meetings. Firstly, 
you may call or email board scitech2017@gmail.com,  at least one week before the
meeting, and ask to be placed on the agenda as a scheduled delegation. 
Secondly, you may attend the school board meeting. When the chairperson 
asks if there are any unscheduled announcement, identify yourself and your 
business. Scheduled announcements may use up to 5 minutes, but an 
unscheduled announcement may have only 3 minutes.

What can I address?
You may speak about the issue(s) you identified when you requested to be
placed on the agenda. Generally, the Board will allow questions and discussion

but will not take action until a later meeting. 

What is a typical agenda?
Copies of the agenda are printed and available for the attendee.

The same format is used at every meeting. Consent Items are
routine items such as minutes and monthly bills which can be approved
with a minimum of discussion. Scheduled and Unscheduled comments
give the public an opportunity to speak at each meeting. Old Business
Items are action items from the previous Board meeting that await a
decision from the Board. New Business Items are current action items
that await a decision from the Board. Reports, Announcements and
Information Items are all used to provide the Board with information, 
relative to the many components of the school. Executive Session is 
used by the Board to discuss items as per MN Code.

Who are the Board Members?
The school board consists of five directors (Board Members) Consist
(chair, secretary and members. Non- voting setting – School Director.

What does the Board Chairperson do?

The chairperson chairs at all Board meetings and conducts the meetings
according to parliamentary rules. In addition, the chairperson signs all 
papers and documents, as required by law and as authorized by the action
of the Board. The chairperson has the full right to participate in debate, 
without surrendering the chair, and has the right to vote on all matters
that are put to a vote. In the unlikely event, there should be an interruption 
of Board work by a person in attendance who is shouting, being unruly, etc.,
the Board chairperson has the authority to do any or all of the following: 

*Order anyone causing a disturbance to leave the Board room. 
*Order a brief recess until order is restored. 
*Adjourn and reconvene at a time and place selected by a majority vote.
What does the school director do at the meeting?
The director serves as the Board's chief executive officer in
administering Board policies, as well as keeping the Board informed of the
goals, needs and performance of the schools. The Director is available
to the Board as a professional resource and works with the Board chairperson to prepare the agenda. The recommendations generally 
precede any Board action on issues facing the Board.

If you have any other questions, please go to the contact page and feel free to send your questions, suggestion other feedback!


Because Eid-Al-Fitr Holiday is on this upcoming Friday, June 15, our normal board meeting, which is held the 3rd Friday of every month, will be held on Friday June 29th.

We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause. 


​March 2018

SciTech Academy Board of Education 

Dr. Abdirizak Warfa -

Board of Education, Chair

email: abdirizak.warfa@scitechacademymn.org

Fadumo Yusuf

Board of Education, Secretary

email: fadumo.yusuf@scitechacademymn.org 

Abdirashid Abdi

Board of Education, Treasure

email: abdirashid.abdi@scitechacademymn.org

Mohamed Mohamoud

Board of education, director 

email: mohamed.mohamoud@scitechacademymn.org

Abdiwahab Omar,

Board of Education, director

email: abdulwahab.omar@scitechacademymn.org