Student Support Services

SciTech Academy Charter School is delight to provide enthusiastic academic program for our students.  SciTech Academy is committed to supporting every enrolled student to achieve his or her academic goals and proud to support its students in a variety of ways.  At SciTech Academy there is no room for stigma and there no program attached to seeking or receiving support services, and the support services we offer for our scholars on either academic learning often take place quietly in the educational setting as set forward to our daily routines. There following is an explanation of our various student support services. 

Specific Designed Services providing academic services to students in grades K through 8, who are eligible under the under designed certain descriptions. These services help students develop academically and socially, in order to keep pace with the educational achievements of their peers and grade level.


Instructions use altered and alternate methods to those used in the regular classroom and include personalized experiential learning and problem solving.


Academic services strive to:
• Increase comprehension / reading skills, strategies and ability 
• Fundamental support build skill areas: Writing, Science, Math and other academics

• Boost – self-esteem and confidence to self-motivations


Social/Emotional learning:
• Accountable decision making 
• Upholding social/civic responsibility 
• Communicating and managing emotions effectively

• Establishing positive relationships


 Students meet criteria for services based on below average grade level academic skills and/or social/emotional factors which put them at risk of not progressing through school. Our school base interventions are designed to improve the scholar’s academic skills.

For more information, please speak to your child’s teacher or one of our student support staff and ask what any question you might desire.